The New Products Process

Presenter: Jegan Jayabal, B.E, MBA, Vice President-Training, PDMA-India - Click here for Presenter Profile
Date: 04-August-2016 [Thursday]
Time: 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM IST

In this you will be provided a view of the overall new products process— that is the combination of steps/activities/decisions/goals and so on that, if performed well, will churn out the new products the organization needs. This process, which serves as a framework for you. It will expand to show more detail on what happens at each phase in the process. We go more deeply into the phases of the new products process, illustrating what tasks are required at each phase and who is responsible for what. We then explore several issues important to product managers: how the new products process can be sped up (without sacrificing product quality or running up the budget), how the process would have to be adapted for the development of new services, how to develop breakthrough innovations, and how the skills and resources of external partners can be leveraged to improve the process. The new products process is interwoven with the other strategic elements that are the product innovation charter and the new product portfolio. It also introduces the idea of the cross-functional team and the importance of effective team management in implementing the new products process.

Learning Outcomes:
You will be studying essentially one thing: the system of phases and activities used in the process of developing and marketing new products and the basic process phase by phase.