Strategic Planning for New Products

Presenter: Jegan Jayabal, B.E, MBA, Vice President-Training, PDMA-India - Click here for Presenter Profile
Date: 01-September-2016 [Thursday]
Time: 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM IST

We will discuss more strategic elements: the product innovation charter and managing the portfolio of new products. It introduces the first of the five major phases in the process—Opportunity identification and Selection. This will include the various forms of strategy to guide the evaluation of available opportunities. That will prepare us to begin the study of concept generation. What a team needs in its strategy statement and then at where its inputs originate that is, in corporate strategy, in platform strategy and influences from many other sources. We explore the components of the PIC—its drivers, its goals and objectives, and its rules of the road. The final part will be the new product portfolio strategy: the strategic importance of having a portfolio strategy, what the components of a good portfolio are, and how some of the top firms develop their portfolios.

Learning Outcomes:
It dealt with the most important and difficult step in the entire new products process: developing a sound strategy to guide the company within the company—the subset of people and resources charged with getting new products. Strategy turns such a group into a miniature firm, a microcosm of the whole. We Will look at what such strategic guidance might be—a format here called a product innovation charter. We will be studying the opportunities and mandates that yield the charters and how the charters can vary.