Opportunities in New Products Development

Presenter: Jegan Jayabal, B.E, MBA, Vice President-Training, PDMA-India - Click here for Presenter Profile
Date: 07-July-2016 [Thursday]
Time: 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM IST 

Mention new products and people think about technology—iPods, iPhones, YouTube, virtual realities, fiber optics, and the like. New products run the gamut from the cutting edge of technology to the latest version of the ballpoint pen. New products can be destined for the consumer market, the business-to-business market, or both. You have chosen to study how new products are developed and managed, so it Would be nice to say they come from an orderly process, managed by experienced persons well versed in product innovation. Some do, but some don’t. So you may be confused by the uncertainty you meet. If so, welcome to the land of creative exploration. In this field, we strive for new things, not knowing just what they will be, what they will cost, who will want them, how we will distribute and sell them, and how some regulator in a government office Somewhere will react to them.

Learning Outcomes:
This will introduce you to the general field of new products management. You will get to know how the activity is (or should be) found in all organizations, not just business. You will know how this course of study relates to others, what a new product actually is, and that services and business products are covered, not just cake mixes, cell phones, and cars. You will learn about where the field stands today, the hallmarks of our activity, our problems with vocabulary, and possible careers.