How to Prepare for New Products

Presenter: Jegan Jayabal, B.E, MBA, Vice President-Training, PDMA-India - Click here for Presenter Profile
Date: 07-October-2016 [Friday]
Time: 11.30 AM to 12.30 PM IST

This will takes us through several topics. First, to managers comes the task of preparing the firm for ideation. This means getting the right people, putting them in the correct environment, and generally getting them ready for the ideation process. Second, a creative person needs to know what is being searched for—that is, what is a concept and how is it typically found and identified? Third, you will explore a specific system of active (not reactive) concept generation, including approaches that seem to work. One part of that system using employees and non-employees in a search for ready-made ideas will be discussed.

Learning Outcomes:
It will introduce you to concept generation for new products. First you will be noted that management has the task of preparing an organization for concept generation. This includes applying the strategic guidance of a product innovation charter, finding and training creative people, and then creating an environment for them to work in where they can be motivated to produce. Next it will give a look at the concept itself, what it is, what it isn’t, and how it comes in to existence. The concept is built around ideas of technology, form, and benefit and is tested by whether it can communicate to an intended buyer what the proposed product is all about and whether it appears useful.