Chapter topics include these topics: journeys in product development, product development process tools, technical and business concerns, understanding customer needs, establishing product function, product tear down and experimentation, benchmarking and establishing engineering specifications, product portfolios and portfolio architecture, generating concepts,

concept selection, concept embodiment, modeling of product metrics, design for manufacture and assembly, design for the environment, analytical and numerical model solutions, physical prototypes, physical models and experimentation, design for robustness and appendices.


Table of Contents

Journeys in Product Development – Product Development Process Tools – Scoping Product Developments : Technical and Business Concerns – Understanding Customer Needs – Establish Product Function – Product Teardown and Experimentation – Benchmarking and Establishing Engineering Specifications – Product Portfolios and Portfolios Architecture – Product Architecture – Generating Concepts – Concept Selection – Concept Embodiment – Modelling of Product Metrics – Design for Manufacture and Assembly – Design for the Environment – Analytical and Numerical Model Solutions – Physical Prototype – Physical Models and Experimentation – Design for Robustness – Appendices 

Review from Venkadesh Narayanan, Principal Consultant, Fhyzics